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Alien King Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Brand: Sideshow Collectibles
Product Code: SS200333
Availability: In Stock

Price: 1,199.00€ 1,499.00€
Price in DS Coins : 1500



Working in direct partnership with Legacy Effects, the artists and nightmare makers behind the creatures and Queen from Aliens, Sideshow is extremely pleased to present the Alien King Maquette. 

Standing as a complement to his Queen, the Alien King is a fully-realized canon character brought forth to once more haunt the dreams that Giger so carefully crafted for us all. Each angle and sharp edge speaks to the beautiful violence that this creature can bring forth should it so desire. 

Standing a massive 20" tall and 21" long, the Alien King Maquette strikes a pose of unrelenting drive and energy, accentuated by the seven detailed alien warriors that swarm around his clawed feet. 

The legacy of H.R. Giger and his film franchise continues to stand as a source of inspiration and reason to explore the outer reaches of what we find terrifying. Join us as we celebrate 30 years of Aliens with this, the Alien King Maquette.

Limited Edition: 1500 Alien King Maquette

Product Size 20.75" H (527.05mm) x 13" W (330.2mm) x 21" L (533.4mm)


Amilcar Fong (Design)
Legacy Effects (Sculpt, Mold & Cast, Paint)
The Sideshow Design and Development Team

Aliens TM & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.














Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.