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Ibuki Street Fighter Ultra 1/4 Statue Retail Version by Pop Culture Shock

Brand: Pop Culture Shock
Product Code: PCSIBUKI001
Availability: Sold Out at Pre Order

E.T.A: 03/2019
Price: 479.00€ 539.00€
Price in DS Coins : 540



Ibuki burst onto the scene in the Street Fighter III: New Generation game. Her lightning fast attacks and colorful personality made her an instant favorite in the fighting game community.

Born in a secret ninja village, hidden away from the outside world, Ibuki began her training in Ninjitsu as a child. Her clean design and highflying move set made her an ideal choice for our Ultra line of 1:4 statues!

"Our collectors have been clamoring for an Ibuki statue for years" says PCS Creative Director Jerry Macaluso "and the Ultra line of 1:4 Scale statues was the perfect fit for such an exciting character. Her fighting style in the games is so dynamic; she's bouncing off the sides of the screen and knocking players twice her size across the stage with a single charged up punch! That's the energy we wanted to capture with this piece."

Size: 66 x 52 x 29 cm