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Iron Man 3 Life-Size Statue Iron Man Mark 42 by Sideshow Collectibles

Brand: Sideshow Collectibles
Product Code: SS400312
Availability: Pre-Order

E.T.A: 05/2018
Price: 8,299.00€ 9,999.00€
Price in DS Coins : 10000

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“I’ll be damned. The prodigal son returns.”
Are you ready to activate House Party Protocol in your collection? Sideshow is proud to present the Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Figure, based on Tony Stark’s sleek and vibrant suit from Iron Man 3.
Also known as the Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit or the Prodigal Son, the Mark XLII stands over 7 feet tall on an illuminated base, in a display worthy of the Hall of Armors. The fiberglass and plastic suit also includes light-up features in the eyes, palms, and arc reactor chest piece, allowing you to display the armor with an activated look.
The suit features a predominantly gold-colored design, with the trademark red and silver accents Iron Man is known for. With incredible, screen-accurate detailing and intricate armor construction, this collectible commands attention as one of Tony Stark’s more advanced and ambitious creations.
Upgrade your armor with the Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Figure, sure to be the centerpiece of any Marvel collection.

Product Size Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Figure

84.625" H (2149.48mm) x 42.5" W (1079.5mm) x 42.5" L (1079.5mm)
































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