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Rodimus Prime Transformers G1 Changeable Pose Scale Statue by Imaginarium Art

Brand: Imaginarium Art
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E.T.A: 06/2018
Price: 1,499.00€ 1,669.00€
Price in DS Coins : 1670

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With an amazing size of 70 cm and brilliant engineering Darkside Collectibles Studio TM and Imaginarium Art  proudly presents Rodimus Prime G1 Changeable Pose Scale Statue.

Formerly known as Hot Rod and was first seen in The Transformers: The Movie but was reformatted into Rodimus Prime when he received the Autobot Matrix of Leadership from his mentor Optimus Prime, and assumed the role of the movie's protagonist.

Hot Rod is often portrayed as energetic, yet brash and headstrong, with an overwhelming self-confidence that borders on arrogance.  As Rodimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, he is significantly more mature, physically powerful and instilled with the wisdom of the previous holders of the Matrix of Leadership. Regardless of this, Rodimus is plagued by lack of confidence and often doubting his own decisions and feeling he is in the shadow of previous leader, Optimus Prime. 

Hot Rod's tech specs list him as an Autobot Cavalier, while as Rodimus Prime, he is listed as an "Autobot Protector" - unlike Optimus Prime's, which directly states "Autobot Commander". A commercial for the toy hinted at his ascension, but pitted him against Cyclonus and Scourge instead of Galvatron, who was his chief adversary in the animated series. Hot Rod and Rodimus have displayed the ability to shoot lasers out of their forearms, as well as having a retractable saw blade and having a short circuit ability, which short circuits the opponent to dust.

Limited Edition 500

Product Size  50cm (W) x 50cm (W) x 69cm(H)

Weight: 26kg


L.E.D. Lightings: Eyes & Matrix
Touch Sensor On/Off 
Material: PU, Polyresin
2 Head with 2 expression  
2 Pairs of Arms
1 Rilfle
1 Matrix
1 Pair of Wings 
Actual product Color may vary from pictures on website
Note: Suitable for Ages 14 and Above