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The Torturer of Dol Guldur 1/6 Scale Statue by Weta

Brand: Weta
Product Code: WT02119
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E.T.A: 01/2018
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Imprisoned by the Necromancer, Gandalf the Grey finds himself at the mercy of the savage Torturer of Dol Guldur. Exhausted and brutalised, the Wizard is dragged from his gibbet by the huge Orc, who makes ready to cut the Elven Ring Narya from his hand.

At another time the vile slave of Sauron would be no match for Gandalf, but the weakened Istar can do little to resist in his current state.

Unusually tall and straight-backed for an Orc, the Torturer has long served the Dark Lord through his servant Azog, leader of the great Orcs of Gundabad. The Torturer fought in Azog’s campaign against the Dwarves and partook in the conquering of Moria, where he received a grievous wound.

The brute lived despite his horrific injury, though his skull had to be bound together with crude straps of iron, nailed into his bones. As jailor of the fortress of Dol Guldur, he adorned himself with macabre trophies, including a skirt of flayed Dwarf faces, bears’ claws and a chest plate fashioned from a ribcage.

Available for pre-order in an edition of just 500, The Torturer of Dol Guldur is Weta Workshop's latest 1:6 scale statue from Dol Guldur; sculpted in monstrous detail by artist Sam Gao.

Limited Edition 500

Dimensions:14.17" x 13.97" x 11.81" (W x H x D) 36 cm x 35.5 cm x 30 cm