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Galadriel Dark Queen The Lord of the Rings 1/6 Scale Statue by Weta Collectibles

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  • Product SKU: WT02982
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Last and greatest of the High Elves of old, Galadriel is wise beyond reckoning and possessing of powerful magic. Yet for all her gifts even the Lady of Lothlórien is drawn by the power of the weapon of her enemy, the One Ring.

When Frodo comes to her home bearing the Ring, Galadriel must confront her greatest temptation. Long have her thoughts lingered on the Ring, but until now it has always been beyond her reach.

Now before her, and freely offered by Frodo, the Ring beguiles the Lady of the Wood. In the moment that this choice hangs between them Galadriel is transfigured in Frodo’s sight: manifest as a dark queen both beautiful and terrible, her raiment rippling with energy and eyes blazing like black flames, a terrifying vision of what could be.

Yet as quickly as it was unleashed, the vision passes, and once again before Frodo stands the serene Lady of Lórien, kind, gentle, and yet now somehow smaller. The challenge met and her path set, Galadriel is resolved to her fate: to remain herself and go west beyond the shores of Middle-earth, where her kin await her.


High-quality polystone
1:6 scale
Limited Edition
Prototype sculpted by Brigitte Wuest

Dimensions: 11.81" x 15.74" x 12.2" (W x H x D) 30 cm x 40 cm x 31 cm

Weight: 11.02 lbs (5 kg)

The Lord of The Rings
Sixth Scale Statue 1/6